Location: Dry Creek - Cascade Locks, OR | Date: June 15th, 2014

I miss wet mushy Oregon. :(

Need to do this so bad

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Huge props to the group of people (half of whom I know) who are playing Dungeons and Dragons in the back patio of the bar (yes I’m sitting here with my laptop because it’s too hot to be at home.)

That Portland life though.

Omg get me out of this city.

get to know me meme: [1/5] male characters » han solo, star wars
Never tell me the odds!

Hey bby


me every time I see cake


me every time I see cake


ロシアンブルー鉄板一発芸 byロシ猫娘


ロシアンブルー鉄板一発芸 byロシ猫娘

Wow! Super jealous!

Don’t be jealous dogg, just do it!

every disaster movie ever

  • scientist: don't do that
  • military official: lol
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I just booked a plane ticket to New Zealand.

It’s actually happening this time.

I’m writing again.

The site is

It’s mostly so that I stay motivated to write, but I’m not going to spam any of the social medias with posts. 

So check it if you want.

Don’t if you don’t.



This is a late post. In April my sister and I went down beside the Deschutes river to brew some Aeropresses. She had just gotten her first coffee job, and I was excited to light a fire of nerdy coffee love in her heart.

She did well, and looks way more majestic grinding coffee with a Porlex than I do. 

The coffee would have tasted better if I’d remembered to time the brews, but live and learn!

Brew outside.

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